rnam par mi 'tshe ba

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total harmlessness; benignity [RB]

commiseration, non- harmfulness, non-violence [one of the 11 virtuous mental states] [IW]

commiseration, non-harmfulness, non-violence [IW]

complete non-harming [dge ba'i sems byung bcu gcig gi nang gses, dmigs pa sems can la dmigs nas rnam pa bzod pa'am brtse ba'i rnam pa can byed las gnod 'tse spong bar byed cing, zhe sdang med pa'i char gtogs kyi sems byung] [IW]


complete non-harming [having focused on the object sentient beings have complete patience/ kindness, abandoning all harm &, having mental contents w/o agression/ anger, dge ba'i sems byung bcu gcig gi nang gses] [IW]

commiseration [one of the 11 virtuous mental states] non-harmfulness, non-violence [IW]

Commiseration, as one of the eleven virtuous mental states, non-harmfulness, non-violence [RY]

complete non-harming [IW]