rnam par mi rtog pa'i ye shes

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non-conceptual wisdom [RY]

wisdom of non- thought [stong nyid mngon sum du rtogs pa'i ye shes] [IW]

non-discursive knowledge [RY]

non-conceptual wakefulness/ wisdom [[[rnam par snang la mi rtog rtog pas den ma zung ba zhes bya'o]] [IW]

Nonconceptual wakefulness, Nonconceptual wisdom, non-conceptual wisdom, def. rnam par snang la mi rtog pas den ma zung ba zhes bya'o; nonconceptual wisdom [RY]

non-conceptual wakefulness, non-conceptual wisdom, non- conceptual wisdom, def rnam par snang la mi rtog rtog pas den ma zung ba zhes bya'o [IW]

Nonconceptual / thoughtfree wakefulness. The basic state of mind that is pointed out by the root guru; free from thoughts and yet cognizing whatever is present [RY]

wisdom of non-thought [IW]