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(to be of) one taste/ identical value (with) [RB]

one taste, one of the phyag rgya chen po'i rnal 'byor bzhi the four yogas of Mahamudra. one taste / flavor, inseparable. [in Mahamudra. single taste, single flavor, the state of being a single taste, [ekarasa]; see also ro gcig rnal 'byor [RY]

Single taste [RY]

one (flavor, value, taste), (associated with atishunya), essentially identical, inseparable, SA rnal 'byor rnam bzhi, single flavor, single taste, state of being a single taste, ekarasa [JV]

One Taste. The third stage in the practice of Mahamudra [RY]

1 taste/ flavor, inseparable [in Mahamudra [[snang sems 'dres pa ro gcig yin - means dissolving appearance and mind into each other] 1 of the [[phyag rgya chen po'i rnal 'byor bzhi - the four yogas of mahamudra] [IW]

1 taste/ flavor, inseparable [IW]

One taste, single taste, one flavor, single flavor. To be identical in value, nature, functional or ontological status. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]