rtag chad

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Permanent or annihilated. Lasting forever as in an eternalistic point of view or ceasing to exist as in a nihilistic view [RY]

eternalism and nihilism [bden grub tu 'dzin pa'i rtag lta and gtan med du 'dod pa'i chad lta gnyis [about phenomena] permanent or terminated, permanence and termination/ interruption, permanent and discontinued] [IW]

1) [about view] eternalism and nihilism, permanence and termination / interruption. 2) [about phenomena] permanent or terminated / discontinued [RY]

eternalist or nihilist [RY]

eternalism and nihilism, lasting and transitory, theories of eternal existence or annihilation, permanence and annihilation, eternity or nothingness, permanent or temporary, affirmation and denial [JV]

(naive) affirmation and/ or negation/ (nihilistic) denial; na�ve realism and nihilistic denial [RB]