rten cing 'brel bar 'byung ba

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Dependent origination [RY]

Interdependent Origination. The fact that all phenomena do not appear without a cause and are not made by an uncaused creator but exclusively due to the coincidence of causes and conditions [RY]

Interdependent origination [IW]

Interdependent origination [dependent origination dependent co-arising [inter] dependent origination, dependent arising, arising in dependent connection, cause, effect, and becoming, relationistic origination, relativity, "occurring in dependent connection"] [IW]

dependent origination, dependent co-arising, [inter]dependent origination, "occurring in dependent connection"; dependent arising, relationistic origination, relativity [RY]

dependent origination. The natural law that all phenomena arise 'dependent upon' their own causes 'in connection with' their individual conditions. The fact that no phenomena appear without a cause and none are made by an uncaused creator. Everything arises exclusively due to and dependent upon the coincidence of causes and conditions without which they cannot possibly appear [RY]

interdependence, occurring in/ coming into being through interdependent connection [RB]

interdependent arising [rgyu rkyen du ma 'dus pa la brten nas 'bras bu 'byung ba'am, phan tshun ltos 'jog gi tshul gyis med na mi 'byung ba'i 'brel ba, dper na, sa bon las myu gu dang skye ba las rga shi, pha ri la bltos nas tshu ri lta bu'o] [IW]

interdependent arising [JV]

Interdependence or "dependent origination" (rten cing 'brel bar 'byung ba): a fundamental element of Buddhist teaching according to which phenomena are understood not as discretely existent entities, but as the coincidence of interdependent conditions. [MR]