rten pa

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(tha mi dad pa brten pa, brten pa, rten,,1 ltos pa,...'Khar rgyug la brten nas ga ler 'gro ba,...Rgyu dang rkyen la brten nas 'bras bu byung; 2) Gnas pa,...Nya dang sbal lcong chu klung rdzing bur brten keep, hold, adhere to, lean on [IW]

brten pa to (be) base(d on)/ (be) dependent on/ support(ed by)/ contingent on; to sustain/ underlie; supported element (of a mandala); to rely on [RB]

base on, by, keep, hold, adhere to, lean on, that which holds, that which keeps up, attached to, faithful, support, to fix upon, meditation stick [JV]

to keep, to hold, to adhere to, to lean on; rten pa, brten pa, brten pa, rten intr. v [RY]