rtsa rgyud sde lnga'i nang tshan

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the five basic Mahayoga tantras concerned w the five aspects of buddhahood. (IW)

the five basic Mahayoga Tantras which are concerned with the five aspects of Buddhahood. 1) sku'i rgyud dpal sangs rgyas thams cad mnyam par sbyor the tantra dealing with existence. 2) gsung rgyud zla gsang thig le the tantra dealing with communication. 3) thugs kyi rgyud gsang ba 'dus pa the tantra dealing with noeticness or spirituality. 4) yon tan gyi rgyud dpal mchog dang po the tantra dealing with excellent capabilities. 5) 'phrin las kyi rgyud kar ma le the tantra dealing with activity or performance. (RY)