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1) highest point, summit, peak, pinnacle 2) Summit. One of the 'four aspects of ascertainment' on the path of joining. climax [on the path of connection]; (phase of) peak experience;. 2). Peak Scripture; a Yoga tantra; one of the three Yoga tantras known as dpal rtse dbyings gsum [RY]

top, best, point, peak value, climax, summits, tip of a light ray, maximum value of drod (3 degrees of intensity), 1 of 4 nges par 'byed pa'i cha dang mthun pa, pinnacle [JV]

the pinnacle [RY]

penultimate; syn mchog [RY]

1) point, tip, highest part; 2) excellent, best; 3) three; 4) stage of peak/ climax of path of preparation [IW]

1) point, tip, highest part [Gri'i rtse mo,...Khab kyi rtse mo,...Rtswa'i rtse mor zil pa chags,...Shing gi rtse mor bya sdod pa,...Ri'i rtse mor 'dzeg pa,...Ri so so'i rtse mo mi gcig rung, de'i ri rgyud bshad na ri gcig yin,...Rtse mo dgung sngon gnam la zug rtsa ba rgya mtsho'i gting la chags]; 2) excellent, best [Yang rtser son pa,...Lag rtsal gyi rtse mor son pa]; 3) three [as trident has three points]; 4) stage of peak/ climax of path of perparation [Sbyor lam nges 'byed cha bzhi'i nang gses, gzung ba rang bzhin med par rtogs pa'i snang ba de nyid gong du mched pa'am 'phel ba'i ting nge 'dzin dang shes rab mtshungs ldan dang bcas pa ste, mi mthun pa'i phyogs kyis dge rtsa gyo ba rnams kyi rab dang mchog tu gyur pas rtse mo'o] [IW]

(phase of) peak experience; pinnacle point; climax; summit [RB]