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the ten stages, the ten bhumis, [dasha bhumi]; Ten Levels, ten grounds:

  1. rab tu dga' ba
  2. dri ma med pa
  3. 'od byed pa
  4. 'od 'phro ba
  5. sbyang dka' ba
  6. mngon du gyur ba
  7. ring du song ba
  8. mi g.yo ba
  9. legs pa'i blo gros
  10. chos kyi sprin

ten grounds, the ten bodhisattva stages / levels / bhumis. 1) rab tu dga' ba. 2) dri ma med pa 3) 'od byed pa 4) 'od 'phro ba 5) sbyang dka' ba 6) mngon du gyur ba 7) ring du song ba 8) mi g.yo ba 9) legs pa'i blo gros 10) chos kyi sprin; ten levels of Anu Yoga; ten grounds, the ten bodhisattva stages / levels / bhumis. 1)rab tu dga' ba. 2)dri ma med pa 3)'od byed pa 4)'od 'phro ba 5)sbyang dka' ba 6)mngon du gyur ba 7)ring du song ba 8)mi g.yo ba 9)legs pa'i blo gros 10)chos kyi sprin [RY]

ten (spiritual levels, stages, stages of saintly perfection), (rab tu dga' ba, dri ma med pa, 'od byed pa, 'od 'phro ba can, shin tu sbyangs dka' ba, mngon du gyur ba, ring du song ba, mi g.yo ba, legs pa'i blo gros, chos kyi sprin), ten stages [JV]

Ten bhumis. The ten levels of a noble bodhisattva's development into a fully enlightened buddha. On each stage more subtle defilements are purified and a further degree of enlightened qualities is manifested: The Joyous, the Stainless, the Radiant, the Brilliant, the Hard to Conquer, the Realized, the Reaching Far, the Unshakable, the Good Intelligence, and the Cloud of Dharma [RY]

1) the 10 bodhisattva-bhumis; 2) * the 10 levels of path of accumulation [IW]

According to Anu Yoga. Corresponding to the above, they are the levels of Indefinite Transformation 'gyur ba ma nges pa Basis of Reliance brten pa gzhi'i sa Important Purification gal chen sbyong ba'i sa Continuity of Training bslab pa rgyun gyi sa Supporting Merit bsod nams rten gyi sa Superior Progress Through Reliance brten pas khyad par du 'gro ba'i sa The Level Which Gives Birth to the Result With Respect to the Aftermath of Inner Radiance on the Path of Insight mthong lam 'od gsal las langs pa'i rjes la dmigs pa 'bras bu skye ba'i sa Unchanging Abidance gnas pa mi 'gyur ba'i sa Expanding Reality bdal ba chos nyid and Riding on Perfection rdzogs pa ci chibs kyi sa. [GD]