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demon, SA byi la, king, master, land owner, demons of naga class, god of the ground, earth lords, landlord, SA the se, 1 of sde brgyad, SA rtsang rtsang, class of spirits, landlord, lord of the kingdom, class of beings closely linked with the astrological influences of the sme ba, spar kha, lords of the earth, dominate the soil and habitats connected with the earth which is why they are easily disturbed and irritated by humans [JV]

earth lords, world-ruler. earth lords, a ruler, world-ruler [RY]

Earth-owning spirits [RY]

1) [regional] king/ ruler; 2) owner of the land; 3) kind of non-human spirit, earth lords; 4) world-ruler [IW]

1) regional sovereigns, regional rulers, regional masters; 2) local sovereigns, local rulers, local masters; 3) earth sovereigns, earth rulers, earth masters; 4) geomantic sovereigns, geomantic rulers, geomantic masters. These are deities or spirits who defend and exert influence over particular locations and geographical areas. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]