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rgyun gyi ting nge 'dzin - continuous samadhi, a continuous meditative state [RY]

rgyun mtha' rdo rje lta bu'i ting nge 'dzin - the vajra-like samadhi at the end of the stream [RY]

rgyun mtha'i rdor ting - the vajra-like samadhi at the end of the stream [RY]

mngon par sems - D samadhi, contemplation, reflection [IW]

ci yang med pa'i ting nge 'dzin - contemplation/ samadhi of nothing whatsoever [IW]

ting nge 'dzin - 1) samadhi, meditative concentration mental event/ focus, stabilization, meditative stablization/ absorption/ trance absorption, total involvement, undividedness, deep concentration, holistictness, holistic experience, wholeness, contemplation [IW]

ting nge 'dzin - (state of deep) meditative absorption/ samadhi; isc. profound meditative state (of) [RB]

ting nge 'dzin - Def. by Jamgön Kongtrül: {zhi rags dang bden bzhi sogs brtag bya'i dngos po la sems rtse gcig pa} one of the {'phags lam gyi yan lag brgyad} the eightfold noble path; 1) samadhi, concentration, mental focus, stabilization, meditative stabilization. meditative absorption; contemplation, state of contemplation, absorption, total involvement, undividedness, deep concentration, meditative concentration, holisticness, holistic experience, wholeness, meditative stabilization. {ting nge 'dzin 'jug ldang} entering and arising from samadhi. 3) Concentration, as one of the five object determining mental states, contemplation, meditative absorption, meditative trance. 4) one of {byang chub yan lag bdun} the seven causes of enlightenment. 5) the three samadhis: suchness samadhi, {kun tu snang ba'i ting nge 'dzin} all-illuminating samadhi, {rgyu'i ting nge 'dzin} seed samadhi] [RY]

ting nge 'dzin - samadhi, contemplation, meditative (absorption, concentration, stabilization), holistic experience, intense concentration, holistic primordial experience, spiritual integration, (3 types are SA de bzhin nyid ting nge 'dzin, kun tu snang ba ting nge 'dzin, rgyu'i ting nge 'dzin), (3 modes are SA bde chen ting 'dzin, snang srid lha dang lha mo'i ting 'dzin, chu bo rgyun gyi ting 'dzin), SA grogs ting nge 'dzin, 1 of lam yan lag brgyad, 1 of bslab pa gsum, visualization, meditation phase [JV]

ting nge 'dzin - samadhi. 'Adhering to the continuity of evenness.' A state of undistracted concentration or meditative absorption which in the context of Vajrayana can refer to either the development stage or the completion stage [RY]

ting nge 'dzin kyi zas kyis 'tsho ba byung ba - could subsist on samadhi as his only nourishment [RY]