sde pa bco brgyad

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Def. by Jamg�n Kongtr�l: [[slob dpon dul ba'i lhas mdzad pa'i sde pa tha dad bklags pa'i 'khor lo las/ shar dang nub dang gangs rir gnas/ /'jig rten 'das par smra ba'i sde/ /btags par smra ba'i sde pa dang/ /lnga tshan dge 'dun phal chen pa/ /gzhi kun pa dang 'od srung sde/ sa ston sde dang chos srung sde/ /mang thos gos dmar slob ma dang/ /rnam par phye ste smra ba'i sde/ /thams cad yod par smra ba yin/ /rgyal byed tshal gnas 'jigs med gnas/ /gtsug lag khang chen gnas brtan pa/ sa sgrogs ri dang srung ba pa/ /gnas ma bu yi sde rnams ni/ /kun gyis bkur ba rnam pa gsum/ /yul don slob dpon bye brag gis/ /tha dad rnam pa bco brgyad gsungs/ /zhes dge 'dun phal chen pa lnga/ thams cad yod smra bdun/ gnas brtan pa gsum/ mang bkur ba gsum ste bcom brgyad du bshad pa rnams so]] [RY]