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evil deeds, scorpion [IW]

harmful actions [RY]

evil, unhealthy, non-virtue, sin, moral scorpion (1 of khyim bcu gnyis), sin in new testament, vice, stimulating by heat from a distance, misdeeds [JV]

1) (Tha dad pa bsdigs pa, bsdig pa, sdigs,, 1) frighten, threaten, menace; 2) scold, rebuke, revile; 3) prepare a target/ get ready and try to hit it; 4) non- virtuous, bad, evil deeds, negative action, sin[fulness], neurotic crimes; 5) compare; 6) scorpion [crab, crawfish]; 7) [person born in] house of Scorpio; 8) aim, goal; 9) show, point out; 10) butt [IW]

Misdeeds, mi dge ba'i las. Refers chiefly to the ten unvirtuous actions [RY]

evil deeds [RY]

ex nam yang sdig pa ma byed never act wrongly! [RY]

sdig pa, bsdigs pa, bsdig pa, sdigs trans. v.; negative action; harmful action; sin, scorpion, Evil deeds, negative action, crab, crawfish, sinfulness, to show, to point out, to aim, butt, goal to menace, to threaten [RY]

negative/ harmful action [RB]

(med) Scorpion, Mesobuthus martensii (Phrin Las 1987, Yeshi 2017). M. martensii, especially its tail, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for many centuries (wikipedia). Johannes Schmidt (talk) 22:16, 28 November 2021 (UTC)