sems dang sems byung

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cognitive acts and mental states [JV]

cognitive acts and mental states, mind and mental contents [IW]

cognitive acts and mental states. def. Jamg�n Kongtr�l: [[mtshan nyid gang zhe na / de'ang gzugs sgra sogs chos can rten lta bur snang ba ni don gyi ngo bo yin la / de rnams dmigs par byed pa rnam par shes pa'i tshogs brgyad ni sems yin zhing / bde sdug gi gnas yid du 'ong mi 'ong sogs dngos po de'i chos brten pa lta bur snang ba ni don gyi khyad par yin la / de rnams dmigs par byed pa tshor ba sos lnga bcu rtsa gcig ni sems las byung ba yin no / / des na sems ni don gyi ngo bo rig par byed pa yin la / sems byung ni don gyi khyad par rig par byed pa dbus mtha' las gsungs so]] [RY]