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reflection, meditation, contemplation, to think of, practice, cultivation, contemplation. p. bsgoms imp. Skt. bhavana, to cultivate, bring forth [RY]

reflection, meditation, contemplation, think of, practice, cultivation [p bsgoms sgoms!], concentrate 1 pointedly on [IW]

cultivation, meditation, training [thd]

meditation, fixing mind on topic, fixation, creative imagination, meditation training, training, practice, training [JV]

Meditation (sgom): A process of familiarization with a new perception of phenomena. Distinction is made between analytical meditation and contemplative meditation. The object of the former could be a point to be studied (for instance the notion of impermanence) or else a quality that we wish to develop (such as love and compassion). The latter allows us to recognize the ultimate nature of the mind and to remain within the realization of this nature, which lies beyond conceptual thought. [MR]

View, meditation and action (lta, sgom, spyod pa): The vision of emptiness must be integrated into our mind via meditation, which must in turn be expressed in altruistic actions, and ultimate enlightened activities. [MR]