rdzogs pa chen po mkha' 'gro snying thig gi khrid yig thar lam bgrod byed shing rta bzang po

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A commentary on the Khandro Nyingthig by the third Dzogchen Rinpoche

The preface to the 1997 Tibetan Edition of the Tibetan text gives some background:

"This volume, entitled The Excellent Chariot: A Vehicle for the Path to Liberation—An Instruction Manual on the Great Perfection, Heart Essence of the Dakinis, is a teaching given by the third incarnation of the lord of siddhas Pema Rigdzin, Ngeton Tendzin Zangpo, a guru who was both learned and accomplished. This instruction manual teaches the primary forms of practice and meditation associated with the tradition of Dzogchen Gonpa, a monastery located in the Do-Kham region of Eastern Tibet. In the annals of the tradition, it is said that there have been twenty-eight accomplished gurus from Dzogchen Monastery who attained the rainbow body by relying solely on this work.

The main topics covered in this text are included in two primary divisions:

  • The common, outer preliminaries:
    • The rarity of the opportunities and endowments
    • Death & impermanence
    • The principle of karmic causality
    • The painful nature of samsara
    • The benefits of liberation

The meaning expressed in this text is both profound and perfect, while the form in which it is written is easy to understand. Thus, for those of you who have faith in the vast teachings of the Buddha and explore these inner teachings, have no doubt that this text is indispensable."

(pp. 1-2)

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