skye mched kyi lha

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ayatana deities [IW]

the divinities of the sense-bases. [Vajrayana] [RY]

ayatana-deities. Concerning the ayatana-deities, the Sarma tradition says: In the eyes is the lady of Vajra Dullness; in the ears is the lady of Vajra Anger, in the nose is the lady of Vajra Greed; in the mouth is the lady of Vajra Passion; in the body is the lady of Vajra Envy, in the mind is the Non-Ego Yogini. And, at the crown of the head is the lady of Vajra Body, at the throat is the lady of Vajra Speech, and at the heart is the lady of Vajra Mind. According to the Nyingma tradition, in the eyes Kshitigarbha; in the ears is Vajrapani; in the nose is Akashagarbha; on the tongue is Avalokiteshvara; in the body is the four wrathful [gate-keepers]; and in the five places you visualize the five families. [RY]