skyes bu chen po'i mtshan sum bcu rtsa gnyis

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32 marks of a great being [IW]

thirty-two marks of a great being. 1) dbu gtsug tor dang ldan pa. a protuberance on the crown of the head. 2) dbu skra g.yas su 'khril ba. hair curling to the right. 3) dpral ba'i dbyes mnyam pa. broad forehead. 4) mdzod spu. circle of hair between the eyebrows. 5) spyan mthon mthing la ba'i rdzi ma lta bu. blue-black eyes and lashes like those of cows. 6) tshems bzhi bcu mang ba. forty teeth. 7) tshems mnyam pa. uniform teeth. 8) tshems thags bzang ba. well-arranged teeth. 9) tshems shin du dkar ba. very white teeth. 10) ro bro ba'i mchog dang ldan pa. having the finest sense of taste. 11) 'gram pa seng ge'i 'dra ba. jaw like that of a lion. 12) ljags shin du ting zhing srab pa. a long and very fine tongue. 13) tshangs pa'i dvangs. a melodious voice. 14) dpung 'go shin tu zlum pa. shoulders broad. 15) bdun mtho ba. seven protuberances. 16) thal gong rgyas pa. strong-chested. 17) pags pa srab cing mdog gser 'dra ba. with delicate and golden skin. 18) bzhengs bzhin tu ma btud par phyag pus mor slebs pa. standing straight his hands reach to the knees. 19) ro stod seng-ge'i 'dra ba. torso like that of a lion. 20) shing nya gro tha ltar chu zheng gab pa. body proportioned like the nyagrodha tree. 21) spu re re nas skyes shing g.yas su 'khyil ba. each hair tu ... [** rest is missing] [RY]