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all kinds of [RY]

vishva; diversity, different kinds; all kinds, diversified, manifold world, varied, variegated, variety, various, multiplicity, varying, carious, plethora, Citra bhanu, the 16th year of rab byung, Syn chu pho rta; multicolored [RY]

Vishva. Variety, manifold purposes. In this book the Vishva Temple at Samye used for teaching arts and crafts [RY]

1) many different kinds; 2) 13; 3) Chu rta lo; 4) multicolored, variegated [IW]

myriad; various; all (its/ their) variety; isc. multi-faceted [RB]

manifoldness, all, earth, various, all sorts, every kind, diversity, a constellation, SA chu smad skar ma, multiplicity, different kinds, infinitely diverse, variety, in all its variety, variety of phenomena, various types, various ways, dissimilar, many different types, of various kinds, variety of types, various aspects, although various, different [JV]