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(conceptual) elaboration(s); embellishment [RB]

Mental constructs [RY]

Conceptual elaboration [RY]

constructs. Any mental formulation. A conceptual fabrication that is not innate to the nature of mind [RY]

Complexities [RY]

Constructs. Any mental formulation [RY]

conditions, complexity, stream out [IW]

construct, elaboration, fabrication, prapanca, complexity, mental constructs, conceptual elaboration, proliferation of discursive thought, propositions, complexity. Syn rtog pa, judgment, evaluation, statements, conceptualization, 2) business, employment, activity, employed, occupied, multifarious activity. 3) embellishment, to expand upon. pf. of spro ba [RY]

constructs [thd]

propositions, judgment, described fact, words and thought, formulate by concepts or speech, (general term for propositions, while rnam rtog is the functioning activity of this), creation, expression, exhibition, illusion, SA spro ba, business, employment, activity, fabrications, elaborations, conceptualizations, constructs, mental constructs, fabrication, multifarious activity, conceptual limits, elaboration [JV]

1 [p spro ba] 21 w many characteristics and conceptions; 2) [arch] work, task; 3) Mental construct, business, employment, activity [IW]