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spyod pa, spyad pa, spyad pa, spyod trans. v.; 1) to engage in; enjoy; behave, carry out, conduct oneself; practice, act, enact, participate in, engage in, be involved with; to use; treat, deal with, to use, employ, apply, utilize; experience, undergo, enjoy, partake of; do, enjoy, experience, accomplish, perform, commit, 2) Skt Charya; conduct, behavior, action, activity, course, deeds,. 3) a practitioner; 4) application, practice, 5) lifestyle, 6) Syn spyod pa'i rgyud Charya. The second of the four sections of tantras according to the Sarma schools [RY]

carya, action, behavior, practice, conduct, enactment, life and work, do, move, act, use, employ, apply, utilize, operate, live doings, way of (life, living, behaving, practicing, working), application, how to apply, the activity of, the work of, deeds, ascetic disciplines, enjoy practice, perform, accomplish, perpetrate, succeed in, bring into subjection, overpower, coerce, make use of, enjoy, complete meditation, perpetrated action, accomplishing of any action, an object attained, thing done, duty, mode, manner, treat, 1 of 10 stobs bcu, mode of behavior, to engage in, acting, conduct, to experience [JV]

1 (Tha dad pa spyad pa, spyad pa, spyod,, 1) engage in, do, practice,; 2) practice, use, employ, apply; 3) action, activity, behavior; 4) coursing of the planets; 5) conduct, practice, behavior, deeds lifestyle, manners; 6) application; 7) enjoy, experience; 8) [en]act, accomplish, perform, commit; 9) treat, deal w [IW]

(authentic) conduct/ behavior; to behave/ conduct (oneself); to participate in/ engage in/ appreciate; to enact (conduct)/ be involved with; to avail oneself of; to use; isc. to embrace [RB]

View, meditation and action (lta, sgom, spyod pa): The vision of emptiness must be integrated into our mind via meditation, which must in turn be expressed in altruistic actions, and ultimate enlightened activities. [MR]

enjoying, applying a conduct [JV]