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(Tha mi dad pa,, craving, attachment * love, lust, desire [IW]

craving sred pa, sred pa, sred pa intr. v. to crave, desire, hanker for; Def. by Jamgon Kongtrul: [[yan lag brgyad pa ni/ tshor ba bde sdug btang snyoms gsum la sred cing zhen pa yin la/ de'ang bde ba la mi 'bral bar sred pa dang/ sdug bsngal la 'bral 'dod kyi sred pa dang/ btang snyoms la mi 'bral bar 'dod pa'i sred pa skye ba yin zhing/ yang srid pa la 'dod pa'i sred pa dang/ srid pa'i sred pa dang/ 'jig pa'i sred pa dang gsum/ dang po 'dod khams/ gnyis pa khams gong ma gnyis/ gsum pa nyer spyod yongs su bzung bar sred pa'o/ /'dod dang srid lta bdag smra'i nyer len gyis/ /yang srid 'grub byed las stobs ldan gyur pas/ /nying mtshams sbyar te skye ba thob nas brtsams/ skad cig rgyun 'gyur srog 'gag rga shi]] Def. by Jamgon Kongtrul: yang srid sdud par byed pa as one of the twelve links, rten 'brel 12]; craving, clinging; attachment, eighth of the rten cing 'brel bar 'byung ba'i yan lag bcu gnyis 12 links of dependent origination. desire; desirous/ to crave; thirst/ craving, greed, miserly, initial desire, hankering. Syn 'dod chags attachment. greed, miserly, initial desire, craving, hankering. 'dod chags attachment [RY]

trsna, desire, hanker after, crave, attachment, desirous [JV]

thirst/ craving (one of twelve links of interdependent connection) [RB]

Craving DKC


The eighth of the twelve links of interdependence. When feeling arises, the craving either for more of that feeling or to be free of it arises. Because of that craving, there is grasping, which leads in turn to becoming, birth and aging and death.

The link of craving is considered one of the crucial links of interdependence this is one place where the cycle of the twelve links can be broken. This is particularly stressed in the Theravada tradition.

There are three types of craving: the craving of desire, craving destruction, and craving existence. The first is craving for pleasurable feeling. The second is craving to be free of unpleasant feeling and for one's own destruction. The third is the subtle craving of the upper realms. DKC