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wind control - The process of Prāṇāyāma is the yoga that combines the Prāṇa and Apāna winds into one entity in the central channel, through suppressing the movements in the rasanā and lalanā channels. This is mainly done by means of vajra-repetition meditations, observing the coming and going of the breath, and other breath-manipulation exercises. The 3rd of the Six Yogas or ṣaḍañga-yoga (sbyor drug)). [TSD]

(yogic practices for) harnessing and channelling subtle energy [RB]

1) life force. 2) [restraining]. vitality and exertion, [pranayama]. life effort, mind yoga; prana, energy of life-force; (yogic practices for) harnessing and channeling subtle motile energy [RY]

restraining vitality and exertion, wind yoga, life force, pranayama, forced control of the vial flux, interrupting and controlling rlung, life and breath [JV]

1) the life force; 2) [restraining] vitality and exertion, [pranayama] life effort, mind yoga, prana [restraining] mind yoga [IW]