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Surendrabodhi. Indian pandita who came to Samye at the time of Trisong Deutsen.

Surendrabodhi (lha dbang byang chub)

  • One of the Indian teachers invited to Tibet in time of Emperor ral pa can (early 9th century). See the shorter Lde'u history (p. 135), where the name is spelled su len tra bo de.
  • In list of South Asian pundits in bu ston's History (1989), p. 280.7.
  • In list of imperial period pundits in Tibet contained in zhu chen, bstan 'gyur dkar chag, p. 158, line 19.
  • Stog Palace catalogue, index.
  • su randra bodhi. Translator in time of Emperor Ral pa can. Padma dkar po, Chos 'byung, p. 331.
  • Biographical Dictionary of Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism, vol. 1, p. 565. Surendrabodhi — in Tibetan translation, Lha dbang byang chub — in time of Ral pa can. Mtshan tho, no. 18.

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