Nadis, pranas, and bindus

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see rtsa rlung thig le and each of, nadis, pranas, and bindus

channels, winds, and essences; veins, winds and drops; nadis, pranas, and bindus; energy channels, currents and seminal points [RY]

nadis, pranas and bindus [RY]

(nadis, pranas, and bindu), channels, prana, and bodhicitta, channels, energies and essences [JV]

Nadis, pranas, and bindus - channels, winds, and essences. The channels, energies or winds, and essences of the physical body. The channels are the 72,000 nadis and the 40 million minor nadis abiding in the body. The winds are the 21,600 pranas circulating within the nadis. Connected to the winds, and permeating [the channels] are the essences which are the white and red bindus.[RY]