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kun rdzob rgyu'i thig le - relative substance bindus [RY]

bkod pa thig le - arrayed bindus [RY]

rkyang ma - kyangma nadi [white element etc. water element supporting principal nadi, in men right, and in women left, relative white bindu 'gyu bar byed la having the nature of upaya, white colored] [IW]

sku'i thig le - [kaya tilaka, kayabindu] The drop of the body, the drops of the waking state [RY]

sku'i thig le - seed, bindu, semen, [kaya tilaka, kaya-bindu] The drop of the body, the drops of the waking state [IW]

sgo gsum - Three Doors. The subtle three doors are the Nadis, pranas, and bindus. The gross three doors are body, speech and mind. [RY]

ngo khebs gro thig - gdong lpags nag khra'i steng du thon pa'i little bindu [IW]

lnga ldan 'ja' zer thig le - bindu w 5-colored rainbow light rays [IW]

chos sku thig le nyag gcig - the single dharmakaya bindu, circle [RY]

gnyid 'thug skabs kyi thig le - bindu of the state of deep sleep [RY]

gtan tshigs thigs pa - [Hetu-bindu] one of the {tshad ma sde bdun} the seven treatises on logic by Dharmakirti, deals with the actual number of aspects which necessarily constitutes a valid inferential mark or reason. bindu, a work on logic by Dharmakirti Drop of Reasons [RY]

rta khra thig - bindu/ spot on a horse [IW]

lta ba ngan pa thig rlung gsum - nadi, prana and bindu, channels/ veins, energies and essences [IW]

brtan du mi shig pa'i thig le - forever indestructible bindu [IW]

thig phran - discs of light; smaller sphere, dot, minor bindu / circle; dot[s] [RY]

thig le - 1) spheres or circles, drop, dot, spot, ring, nimbus, circle, zero, bindu, center, The red and white essences. 2) dot over a letter representing the anusvara. 3) colored mark on the forehead between the eyes. 4) semen. seminal point. the nucleus or seed of the enlightened mind, white and red seminal fluids of the physical body, seminal points of light; sperm, vital essence - sphere. bindu; sphere (of being); drop; tiny sphere, essence, bindu; Tika, tilaka, essence; sphere [RY]

thig le - bindu, sphere, bead, drop, solid circle, essence, sphere of light, spherical drop, spot, dot, droplet, seed-essence, vitalizing energies, creative potentiality, potential being, life-force, responsiveness, semen, sperm, virile, ornamental mark on forehead, creative fluids, a controlling-structuring process group-patterned by bag-chags, pure potency with no structure of its own, empty nature of the energy, eye on peacock's feather, female monthly discharge, luminous sphere of 5 colors of the rainbow representing the principle of the potentiality of al visions whether pure or impure, seeds of light, bodhicitta, sphere of rainbow light, luminous sphere, thigle [JV]

thig le - bindus. [expl., Light of Wisdom, Vol. 2, page 36] [RY]

thig le - bindu; sphere (of being); edgeless expanse; isc. drop [RB]

thig le chen po - the Great Sphere, total sphere, [maha bindu]; the great hypersphere [RY]

thig le nyag cig - single sphere; single bindu, the uniform bindu, the sole sphere [of the nature] Syn {chos sku} the single circle, sole bindu [RY]

thig le stong pa'i sgron ma - empty bindu lamp, lamp of the empty spheres [RY]