tshad ma sde bdun

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title of a work on logic [JV]

the 7 treatises on valid cognition [IW]

the Seven Treatises on Valid Cognition, [Syn tshad ma'i bstan bcos sde bdun [RY]

the 7 treatises on valid cognition [= tshad ma'i bstan bcos sde bdun rgya gar gyi slob dpon chos kyi grags pas brtsams pa'i rgyas pa'i bstan bcos tshad ma rnam 'grel, 'bring tshad ma rnam nges, bsdus pa tshad ma rigs thigs te rtsa ba lus lta bu'i bstan bcos gsum, gtan tshigs thigs pa, 'brel ba brtag pa, rgyud gzhan sgrub pa, rtsod pa'i rigs pa ste 'phros pa yan lag lta bu'i bstan bcos bzhi bcas so [IW]

Seven Treatises on Logic; [Pramana Vartika Karika and six other important texts]; Dharmakirti, 7th century [RY]