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3 behavioral levels, 3 gates, 3 doors (stong pa nyid, mtshan ma med pa, smon pa med pa), 3 media (body, voice, mind), 3 doors (lion for chos sku, elephant for longs sku, sage for sprul sku; silence, concentration on external space), See also gnad drug, gateways to freedom (openness, absence of identifying characteristics, absence of wishfulness), See also rnam thar sgo gsum, body, speech, and mind, body & voice & mind, body & voice & mind [JV]

three doors. The subtle three doors are the nadis, pranas, and bindus. The gross three doors are body, speech and mind. [RY]

three media/ gates [IW]

three media/gates [The ordinary body lus speech ngag and mind yid [Gk-mk] in word, thought and deed [Tse rig] chn] [IW]

three doors. Body, speech and mind; thought, word and deed. the three avenues of your being; physically, verbally, and mentally. three media. The ordinary body lus speech ngag and mind yid. in word, thought and deed. three gates; the three ways [as in body, speech, and mind. (RY)