stong pa nyid

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sunyata, emptiness, openness, void, nothingness, pure transcendence, open dimension of being, nothing-as-such with respect to ngo bo, indeterminate relational form of the act of being aware that may become terminated by any object, presence in utter freedom from concretization, a symbol used in instructing others, nothing exists really, Aryadeva says 'gag med, Asanga says aesthetic continuum with all possibilities, 1 of rnam thar gsum, 1 of sgo gsum, vacuity, non-existence, unreality, illusory nature of all things [JV]

Emptiness/shunyata [RY]

Syn / de bzhin nyid emptiness, shunyata. voidness, void, openness, "devoidness.". the void / [RY]

emptiness [thd]

emptiness, shunyata (alt. sp. 'sunyata') [IW]

Emptiness (stong pa nyid): the ultimate nature of phenomena, namely their lack of inherent existence. The ultimate understanding of emptiness goes together with the spontaneous arising of boundless compassion for sentient beings. [MR]

Skt. Śūnyatā, emptiness, voidness, openness, open-dimensionality. The emptiness of inherent or independent existence. Erick Tsiknopoulos