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1.Tha mi dad par 'jug pa'i 'thag pa'i 'das pa, 2.Sdom byed zhags pa.Bal thag ...Lcags thag ...Rtsid thag ...Ras thag ...'Dogs khyi thag pas btags pa.Rtsva sar rta khal rnams thag pas brtod.Gru gzings thag pas 'then pa.Ming gi rnam grangs la sgril ma dang, 'ching thag thig gu, zhags pa bcas so, cord, string, rope - [IW]

rope [RB]

rope, string; va. -- rgyag; -- 'ching; -- 'dogs to tie, to bind. [mss] [RY]

1) Tha mi dad par [p 'thag pa]; 2) binding cord/ rope, string [syn: sgril ma dang, 'ching thag thig gu [IW]

rope, string [IW]

string, rope, cord, creeping plant, root, fetter, band [JV]

1) intr. pf. of 'thag pa; 2) cord, string, rope [RY]