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yana. 'That which carries,' 'vehicle.' A set of teachings which enable one to journey towards rebirth in the higher realms, liberation from samsara or complete buddhahood [RY]

to bear [RY]

1) (Tha mi dad pa) [having lifted] tolerate, bear, go [Skyid theg sdug theg; Nad pas nad theg kyang, aem chis nad mi theg ...Mis mi theg pa gtam dang, chus mi theg pa rdo. Lag pas mi theg so yis mi chod]; 2) riding beast, vehicle, carriage, [Rta'i theg pa la zhon pa.Theg pa stong phrag bshams nas stobs shugs ston pa]; 3) path and means to, "that which leads/ carries" [Skt] yana, spiritual pursuit, approach to/ vehicle of the teaching, [tse] [IW]

1) (Tha mi dad pa [having lifted] tolerate, bear, go; 2) riding beast, vehicle, carriage,; 3) path and means to, "that which leads/ carries" [Skt] yana, spiritual pursuit, approach to/ vehicle of the teaching, [tse] [IW]

Vehicle. The practice of a set of teachings which 'carries' one to the level of fruition. In Buddhism there are mainly three vehicles: Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana [RY]

mi theg pa - cannot bear [to be scolded] [RY]

yana, vehicle, cart, carriage, conveyance, any vehicle for transit, spiritual pursuits, career, approach to the teaching, way of life, path of spiritual training, support, lift, raise, hold up, endure, be able, to carry, method of doctrinal religion and conduct, doctrine in overt action, practice of any doctrine, conduct, SA 'thegs pa, 'degs pa, rnal 'byor rgyud kyi theg pa, riding horse, 1 of 10 stobs bcu, spiritual way, system for spiritual development, spiritual way [JV]

spiritual approach [RB]

spiritual way [RY]

mi theg pa med pa nothing that we cannot bear [RY]

1) vehicle; way, yana; spiritual approach; spiritual pursuit, approach to the teaching, Def. by Jamg?ongtr?theg pa zhes pa khur dang ldan pa'i glang po che sogs la grags pa yang khur khyer nas bgrod par bya ba'i don gyis yin la/ de bzhin du rang dang gzhan don gyi khur khyer nas go 'phang mchog tu bgrod par byed pas theg pa zhes par bzhag cing/ de'ang 'dis bgrod pa rgyu lam dang 'dir bgrod pa 'bras bu'i theg pa zhes dang/ rang gzhan gnyis ka'i don sogs khur chen po dang ldan pas theg chen dang/ rang don 'ba zhig pa'i khur chung ngu dang ldan pas theg dman du bzhag pa]]. 2) theg pa, intr. v.; to bear, carry, transit, be able to endure, lift. 3) vehicle, carriage, riding-beast, that which leads / carries, support, carry, lift; ex. mi theg pa'i khal ma 'gel don't overburden [animals]; ex. mi 'dod rkyen ngan theg pa be able to endure adverse circumstances [RY]