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the Capable One [RY]

to be able, to withstand. Syn phod pa [RY]

1) (Tha mi dad pa able to deal w/ withstand, be a match for; 2) Muni, sage, [cap]able/ wise 1, buddha [Gd]; 3) conqueror, Victors, get the better of; 4) 7; 3) be able to * [Tse] [IW]

1) (Tha mi dad pa) able to deal w/ withstand,, be a match for [Ngan dgu thub pa.Nyon mongs thub pa.Ras rkyang thub pa.Chu thub pa.Me thub pa.Dug gis mi thub pa]; 2) Muni, sage, [cap]able/ wise 1, buddha [Gd] [sgo gsum mi dge ba dang nyon mongs pa las yang dag par bsdams pa]; 3) conquerer, Victors, get the better of; 4) 7 [Rnam gzigs dang, gtsug tor can, thams cad skyob, 'khor ba 'jig gser thub, 'od srung, sh'akya thub pa ste thub pa la bdun yod pas grangs bdun mtson]; 3) be able to [Dgra bo 'joms thub pa.Grogs po la btsan gnod byung tse rang nyid ltad mo lta ba ltar logs su sdod mi thub] [Tse] [IW]

Capable One [thd]

muni, buddha, can, be able to, may, be possible, a symbolical term for the capacity to transcend one's limitations sage able, could last, practicable, be able, capable of, withstand, be equal to, epithet of shakyamuni, might or capable one, to succeed, become capable of, succeeded in [JV]

the Buddha [RY]

thub pa, thub pa, thub pa intr. v.; to withstand; Muni, Sage, able [from the Buddha's name]. wise man, Muni [Syn buddha]. lit. one who is capable, a synonym for the buddhas. Syn sangs rgyas the Victors. to withstand. Syn phod pa to get the better of, to be able to cope with, to be a match for. the capable one; able to control, subdue; able [RY]