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Transmission (lung)

  • The Buddhist teachings of the sacred doctrine (Skt. saddharma) comprise both experiential realisations (Skt. adhigama; Tib. rtogs pa) and authoritative transmissions (Skt. āgama; Tib. lung) or blueprints for realisation. The latter include both the oral teachings and sacred scriptures (Skt. pravacana; Tib. gsung rab) delivered by the buddhas, as well as the associated commentaries or treatises (Skt. śāstra; Tib. bstan bcos), which have been transmitted in an uninterrupted lineage or succession from ancient times. In Tibetan Buddhism, it is regarded as essential that a transmission of both the text and its oral commentary is formally received from an authoritative lineage-holder, if any significant spiritual experience is to be cultivated, since a mere theoretical understanding of these topics is not regarded as sufficient. For a detailed discussion of Buddhist scriptural transmission and treatises, see bDud-'joms Rin-po-che, NSTB, pp. 71-109. GD (from the Glossary to Tibetan Elemental Divination Paintings)

Communication of teaching(s) orally, symbolically (reading/writing), or mentally (mind to mind transmission). Different than 'empowerment.' See bka', bka' ma, Kama, bka' lung, rgyal ba dgongs brgyud & dgongs brgyud. RWB