yan lag brgyad

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war chariot [JV]

the 8 qualities [of pure water] [IW]

Eight branches. The seven branches in addition to arousing bodhichitta [RY]

the 8 qualities [of pure water] [dpal ldan gso ba rig pa'i lus can nad gso ba'i skabs la yan lag mi 'dra ba brgyad mchis te lus spyi'i nad kyi yan lag byis nad kyi yan lag mo nad kyi yan lag gdon gyi yan lag mtshon gyi yan lag dug gi yan lag rgas pa gso ba'i yan lag ro tsa'i nad gso bar bya ba'i yan lag bcas brgyad do OR eight subjects of Tibetan medical works: lus, byis pa, mo nad, gdon, mtshon (symptoms) dug, rgas ro tsa [actually tsa, D says earned desire?] [IW]

the 8 qualities [of pure water] [R] [IW]

the eight qualities [of pure water] [RY]