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being, existent, present [thd]

1) existence, existent, being, existing thing, compounded perceptible entity, possibility of existing, is known, exists, present.; 2) have, possess TSE; 2) past tense; 3) by pramana perceive that things exist [IW]

1) existence, existent, being. Syn dngos po any existing thing, any compounded perceptible entity, existent / existence, possibility of existing, is known, exists, present. 2) to have, possess, to be in possession of. as being; possible (to do, achieve); to (be) exist(ent); (an) existent (thing) [RY]

available [RY]

was to be found [RY]

to (be) exist(ent)/ be present; (an) existent (thing); existence; isc. to exist as such [RB]

existence; existent [ggd] [RY]

possessions, presence, exist, existence, is, be (existential verb), being (all that exists for vaibhasikas), available, comprise, contain, had, be present anywhere, have, be in possession of, possess property, being, to be present as, there were, was staying at [JV]

something [DKC]