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(sense) object; (objective) environment/ field; isc. domain/ scope/ purview/ reach; objective factor; isc. mode; isc. confines; visionary field* [RB]

country, region, place, location, local, object [IW]

1) Syn don object. sense objects, sensory objects, field, phenomena, subject of thought. 2) place, Location, as one of the ten non-concurrent formations. country, land, area, location, province. 3) homeland, village. 4) scope, domain, spatial sequence, sphere, region, limit, reach. 2) location, place, locale; (sensory) object; (objective) environment/ field; Def. by Jamg�n Kongtr�l: phyogs bcu thams cad na gzugs can gyis bsdus pa'i rgyu dang 'bras bu yod pa nyid do object [as in subject and. or object and object holder]; homeland; home [RY]

(-, ontological, determinate, intended, constructed, thing-) object, objective (realities, situation, field), noematic field, anything that can be perceived (sautrantikas), field, area, image, range, content, sensum, sense-field, objectivity, locale, location, place, pilgrimage places, SA dmigs pa'i yul, snang yul, gzung yul, zhen yul, 'jug yul, 1 of gnas pa dgu, country, inhabited land, country districts, provincial parts, province, sphere, region, object of senses, place, area, region, country, location particle, object of knowledge, objective dimension, world [JV]

object [thd]