zag bcas

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affectively toned, sullied, fragility, presence of that which arouses affective states, sullied state of instability, unstable, contaminated, with flaws, with stains, conditioned, burdened with misery and sin, worldly affairs, relative clairvoyance, relative powers, material [JV]

zag pa dang bcas pa contaminated/ subject to degeneration/ decay; exhaustible [RB]

with outflows, dissipation, contamination. causing downfall, stained [by bad thoughts]. defiled/defiling, conditioned, contaminated. mundane, worldly; (lit. sinful) mundane, worldly [RY]

conditioned, defiled [IW]

conditioned, defiled [R] [IW]

conditioned, defiled [SK: sasrava. nyon mongs can te, dmigs pa dang mtshungs ldan gang rung gi sgo nas zag pa'am nyon mongs rgyas 'gyur gyi chos, nyer len gyi phung po lnga lta bu'o [IW]

defiling [thd]