Bliss, Clarity and Nonthought

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bliss, clarity and nonthought (bde gsal mi rtog pa). Three temporary meditation experiences. Fixation on these plants the seeds for rebirth in the three realms of samsara. Without fixation, they are adornments of the three kayas, thus:

"The three kayas are the Dharmakaya, the Sambhogakaya, and the Nirmanakaya. The three kayas as ground are essence, nature, and capacity; as path these are bliss, clarity and nonthought; and as fruition these are the three kayas of buddhahood.

"The three kayas of buddhahood are the dharmakaya, which is free from elaborate constructs and endowed with the twenty-one sets of enlightened qualities; the sambhogakaya which is of the nature of light and endowed with the perfect major and minor marks perceptible only to bodhisattvas; and the nirmanakaya which manifests in forms perceptible to both pure and impure beings".

See also three meditation moods - (nyams gsum) - the three meditation experiences (of bliss, clarity and no thought) [RY]