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shin tu rnal 'byor - Dzogchen - also: (Ati Yoga). (Great Perfection). The third of the Three Inner Tantras. According to Jamgön Kongtrül the First, it emphasizes the view that liberation is attained through growing accustomed to insight into the nature of primordial enlightenment, free from accepting and rejecting, hope and fear. The more common word for Ati Yoga nowadays is 'Dzogchen,' the Great Perfection. Ati means 'supreme.'

sems klong man ngag gi sde gsum - Mind, Space and Instruction Sections. After Garab Dorje established the six million four hundred thousand tantras of Dzogchen in the human world, his chief disciple, Manjushrimitra, arranged these tantras into three categories: the Mind Section emphasizing luminosity, the Space Section emphasizing emptiness, and the Instruction Section emphasizing their indivisibility.

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