Liberation Offering

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sgrol ba - {ppafi: sgrol ba, bsgral ba, bsgral ba, sgrol} tha dad pa; 1a) freedom, liberation, 1b) to liberate. to rescue, deliver, save; 2) Gana/ liberation of evil-doers; rites of deliverance; liberation offering [RY]

bsgral mchod - bsgral ba - bsgral ba'i mchod pa - bsgral bstab - liberation offering; liberation offering ceremony [RY]

bsgral ba - ta na - Liberation; liberation ceremony; liberating part; bsgral mchod - bsgral ba'i mchod pa - bsgral bstab - liberation offering [RY]

bsgral ba'i mchod pa - bsgral mchod - bsgral ba - bsgral bstab - liberation offering [RY]

tha ma bsgral mchod - the final - part [of the feast] is the liberation offering [RY]

tshogs kyi rim pa bzhi - the four sequences of the feast ceremony. This refers to the primary feast offering (tshogs phud), the amendment-confession offering (bskang bshags), the liberation offering (bsgral mchod) and the pure residual (gtsang lhag) [RY]

tshogs rten nyo bo - feast support effigy; refers to the effigy in the liberation offering made out of unconsecrated feast dough (tshogs zan) [RY]

tshogs tha ma bsgral mchod gnang ba la thugs gtad par zhu - Please direct your mind towards the performance of the third feast offering, the liberation offering [RY]

zhing bcu - ten defects or the ten objects are: 1) The enemy of the Three Jewels, 2) the enemy of the master, 3) The samaya violator, 4) the perverted one, 6. the hostile one, 7. The samaya enemy with a wicked character, 8. The one arriving to the congregation, 9. the harmer of everyone, 10. the three lower realms. The enemies and obstructers are one's own and other's ignorance. In the liberation offering the ignorance is liberated into awareness. [RY]