Mother Tantra

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bka' bzhi brgyud pa - 1) Four Transmitted Precepts. 2) the lineage of. 3) The transmitted precepts of the Great Seal which descended through Vajrapani. 4) Saraha. 5) Lohipa. 6) Dharikapa. 7) Ding-gi-pa. 8) Tilopa. 9) the transmitted precepts of the Father Tantras which descended through Guhyapati. {sa bcu dbang phyug blo gros rin chen}. 10) Nagarjuna. 11) Matangipa. 12) Tilopa. 13) the transmitted precepts of the Mother Tantras which descended through Sumati Samantabhadri. {thang lo pa, shing lo pa}. 14) Karnaripa, and Tilopa. 15) the transmitted precepts of inner radiance which descended through Vajrapani. Dombi Heruka, Bi-na-sa, Lawapa, Indrabhuti and Tilopa [RY]

rgyud kyi rab tu dbye ba bcu gnyis - Twelve Excellent Divisions of the Unsurpassed Tantras. See the entries under Six Enlightened Families of the Father Tantras and Six Enlightened Families of the Mother Tantras [RY]

rgyud gsum - 1) Three Kinds of Tantra, According to Mahayoga. or Secret Mantra In General. Father Tantras {pha rgyud} Mother Tantras {ma rgyud} and Nondual Tantras {gnyis med rgyud}. 2) three continua / continuities. comprised of ground, path, and fruition [RY]

thabs kyi pha rgyud dang shes rab kyi ma yi rgyud dang zung jug gnyis med kyi rgyud gsum - Trio of the Father Tantras of Skillful Means, Mother Tantras of Discriminative Awareness and Nondual Tantras of Unity [RY]

ma rgyud - mother class; mother tantra; Mother Tantras. a class of Unsurpassed Yoga Tantra. [subdivision of Anuttara-yoga tantra emphasizing luminosity / 'od gsal [RY]

ma rgyud - Mother Tantra. One of the three aspects of Anuttara-yoga tantra which places emphasis on completion stage or prajna. Sometimes equivalent to Anu Yoga [RY]

ma rgyud rigs drug - six enlightened families of the Mother Tantras [RY]

ma rgyud a nu yo ga - Mother Tantra Anu Yoga [RY]

ma'i rgyud - Mother Tantra [RY]