Father Tantra

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bka' bzhi brgyud pa - 1) Four Transmitted Precepts. 2) the lineage of. 3) The transmitted precepts of the Great Seal which descended through Vajrapani. 4) Saraha. 5) Lohipa. 6) Dharikapa. 7) Ding-gi-pa. 8) Tilopa. 9) the transmitted precepts of the Father Tantras which descended through Guhyapati. {sa bcu dbang phyug blo gros rin chen}. 10) Nagarjuna. 11) Matangipa. 12) Tilopa. 13) the transmitted precepts of the Mother Tantras which descended through Sumati Samantabhadri. {thang lo pa, shing lo pa}. 14) Karnaripa, and Tilopa. 15) the transmitted precepts of inner radiance which descended through Vajrapani. Dombi Heruka, Bi-na-sa, Lawapa, Indrabhuti and Tilopa [RY]

dgongs pa lung ston - Gongpa Lungtön, Sandhi Vyakarana, Tantra That Prophesies Realization. The exposition tantra of the Father Tantra Guhyasamaja [RY]

rgyud kyi rab tu dbye ba bcu gnyis - Twelve Excellent Divisions of the Unsurpassed Tantras. See the entries under Six Enlightened Families of the Father Tantras and Six Enlightened Families of the Mother Tantras [RY]

rgyud gsum - 1) Three Kinds of Tantra, according to Mahayoga. or Secret Mantra in general. Father Tantras {pha rgyud} Mother Tantras {ma rgyud} and Non-dual Tantras {gnyis med rgyud}. 2) three continua / continuities. comprised of ground, path and fruition [RY]

lta ba klong yangs - Tawa Long-Yang. A treasure cycle of the Father Tantra aspect of the Great Perfection revealed by Dorje Lingpa (1346-1405). Tawa Long-yang means 'Vast Expanse of the View.' [RY]

thabs kyi pha rgyud dang shes rab kyi ma yi rgyud dang zung jug gnyis med kyi rgyud gsum - Trio of the Father Tantras of Skillful Means, Mother Tantras of Discriminative Awareness and Nondual Tantras of Unity [RY]

pha rgyud - Father Tantras [RY]

pha rgyud - Father Tantras. a class of Unsurpassed Yoga Tantra; father tantra, male class [RY]

pha rgyud - Father Tantra. One of the three aspects of Anuttara Yoga which place emphasis on the development stage. [RY]

pha rgyud ma ha yo ga - Father Tantra Mahayoga [RY]

pha rgyud rigs drug - six families of the Father Tantras [RY]

pha rgyud gsang ba 'dus pa'i bshad rgyud - Exposition Tantra of the Father Tantra Guhyasamaja: dgongs pa lung ston - Tantra that Prophesies Realization [RY]

rim lnga - Five Stages. The system of practical application of the Father Tantras especially taught by Nagarjuna and his two spiritual sons, Aryadeva and Chandrakirti. They consist of the three solitudes of body, speech and mind; illusory body, and unity. [RY]