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kun tu bzang mo - 1) female of Samantabhadra; Samantabhadri, (p.n. of the Primordial Wisdom). 2) name of a sadhana [Caturanga Sadhana Samantabhadri Nama) one of the {chos bcu bzhi}, fourteen treatises on the Guhyasamaja commentaries by {sangs rgyas ye shes}. 3) myth. n. of a flower growing on Mount Meru. consort of Samantabhadra. Samantabhadri [RY]

kun tu bzang mo - Ever-Excellent Lady, Skt. Samantabhadri. The All-good, the mother of all the buddhas of the three times; the female counterpart / consort of Samantabhadra, the dharmakaya buddha. She symbolizes emptiness and dharmadhatu [RY]

kun tu bzang mo - 1) Samantabhadri, Mandarava, female figured in connection with kun tu bzang po. 2) A kind of flower growing on the Sumeru Mountain [JV]

kun tu bzang mo - Samantabhadri, the feminine aspect of the primordial Buddha [RY]