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kun tu bzang po - Samantabhadra. The 'Ever-excellent One.' 1) The primordial dharmakaya buddha. 2) The bodhisattva Samantabhadra used as the example for the perfection of increasing an offering infinitely [RY]

kun tu bzang mo - Ever-Excellent Lady, Skt. Samantabhadri. The All-good, the mother of all the buddhas of the three times; the female counterpart / consort of Samantabhadra, the dharmakaya buddha. She symbolizes Emptiness and dharmadhatu [RY]

bka' brgyud - Kagyü. The lineage of teachings brought to Tibet by Lord Marpa, received from the dharmakaya buddha Vajradhara by the Indian sid dha Tilopa, Saraha, and others. Transmitted by Naropa and Maitripa to the Tibetan translator Marpa, the lineage was passed on to Milarepa, Gampopa, Karmapa and others. The main emphasis is on the path of means which is the Six doctrines of Naropa, and the path of liberation which is the Mahamudra instructions of Maitripa [RY]

rdo rje 'chang - Vajradhara. 'Vajra-holder.' The dharmakaya buddha of the Sarma Schools. Can also refer to one's personal teacher of Vajrayana or to the all-embracing buddha nature [RY]

'og min - Akanishtha. The 'highest;' the realm of Vajradhara, the enlightened sphere the dharmakaya buddha. Often used as a synonym for 'dharmadhatu.' [RY]

'od mi 'gyur ba - (the dharmakaya buddha of Changeless Light)