Primordial Wisdom

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mngon byang lnga - SA mngon par byang chub, 5 actualizations (lotus moon seat, syllables, mind signs, mandala, primordial wisdom deity), five factors of realization which is a method of bskyed rim (zla ba las byang chub pa, nyi ma las byang chub pa, sa bon las byang chub pa, phyag mtshan las byang chub pa, sku rdzogs pa las byang chub pa, or (lotus seat, seed syllable, symbolic attributes, complete manifestation of the mandala of the Body, the deity of wisdom) [JV]

chos sku'i ye shes - dharmakaya wisdom, primordial wisdom of the dharmakaya [RY]

mched pa'i ye shes - awareness as a spread of light, increase of primordial wisdom, primordial wisdom of progress [JV]

nye bar thob pa'i - thoroughly realized primordial wisdom [JV]

nye bar thob pa'i ye shes - fully realized primordial wisdom [JV]

thob pa zhes bya ba'i ye shes - realized primordial wisdom [JV]

thob pa'i ye shes - realized primordial wisdom [JV]

snang ba'i ye shes - light of primordial wisdom, manifesting primordial wisdom [JV]

pra ba'i ye shes - subtle primordial wisdom [JV]

sprul sgyur - emanations, {ston nus} able to manifest, manifested [from the space of primordial wisdom], emanation, {'khor bcas} with their retinues [RY]

dbyings ye dbyer med - indivisibility of ultimate sphere and primordial wisdom [JV]

'od gsal gzhi'i ye - primordial wisdom [JV]

yul rig pa'i ye shes - primordial wisdom which sees the objects [JV]

ye shes - knowledge, original wakefulness, gnosis, cognition, wisdom, primal awareness, pristine awareness, Primordial Awareness, [jnana]; pristine cognition. Innate wakefulness, intelligence, self-born awareness, primal awareness, wisdom, one of the {phar phyin bcu} the ten paramitas, pristine awareness, ever-fresh awareness, exalted wisdom / body, intuition [intuitive wisdom], gnosis, wisdom mind, primal knowledge, jnana. Syn {ye gnas kyi shes pa}; 'wisdom', [primordial knowing, original cognition, wakefulness, awareness]. Innate wakefulness, Jnana, cognition, knowledge, divine wisdom, ever-fresh awareness, pristine awareness, exalted wisdom / body, primordial wisdom, intelligence, intuition [intuitive wisdom], gnosis, wisdom mind, primal knowledge, jnana, pristine cognition / awareness. Syn {ye gnas kyi shes pa} pristine wisdom, [or wisdom if otherwise qualified. i.e. mirror-like wisdom]. one of the {phar phyin bcu} the ten paramitas. primordial wisdom/wakefulness, Wisdom/Pristine wisdom [RY]

ye shes sgyu ma - illusory manifestation of wisdom (the unreal manifestation of the phenomena of existence whose real nature is primordial wisdom) [JV]

ye shes dbyings - sphere of primordial wisdom [RY]

ye shes dbyings - sphere of primordial wisdom, dimension of wisdom [JV]

ye shes sum ldan - endowed with the three wisdoms (ngo bo stong, rang bzhin gsal, thugs rje 'gags med), endowed with the three primordial wisdoms [JV]

ye shes sems dpa' - primordial wisdom deity, dhyani bodhisattvas, wisdom deity [JV]

rang byung gi ye shes - self-existing wakefulness. self-originated primordial wisdom, self-existing basic intelligence, natural wisdom [RY]

rang bzhin lhun grub kyi ye shes stong gsal ye gdangs chen po - The primordial wisdom of spontaneous nature [RY]

rig pa ye shes - intrinsic awareness, primordial wisdom, insight-wisdom, awareness of primordial wisdom, wisdom of rigpa, 1 of phur pa bzhi [JV]