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wisdom [IW]

Pristine Cognition [GD]

timeless awareness [in Mahayana, Vajrayana and Dzogchen contexts] pristine awareness [in shravaka and pratyekabuddha contexts] [RB]

jnana, (exalted, primordial) wisdom, (primal, transcending, original, unitary, authentic, pure, absolute, a priori, genuine, spiritual, ever-fresh, pristine) awareness, wakefulness, pristine cognition, mystic illumination, gnosis, understanding by peak experience, (intuitive, transcending, comprehensive, true) knowledge, SA mched pa'i ye shes, mnyam nyid ye shes, me long ye shes, chos dbyings ye shes, bya sgrub ye shes, sor rtog ye shes, perfect absolute divine wisdom, pristine wisdom, primordial awareness, timeless awareness [JV]

wisdom, original wakefulness. Basic cognizance independent of intellectual constructs. There are also the five wisdoms, aspects of how the cognitive quality of buddha nature functions: the dharmadhatu wisdom, mirror-like wisdom, wisdom of equality, discriminating wisdom and all-accomplishing wisdom [RY]

knowledge, original wakefulness, gnosis, cognition, wisdom, primal awareness, pristine awareness, Primordial Awareness, [ [[jnana] ]]; pristine cognition. Innate wakefulness, intelligence, self-born awareness, primal awareness, wisdom, one of the phar phyin bcu the ten paramitas, pristine awareness, ever-fresh awareness, exalted wisdom / body, intuition [intuitive wisdom], gnosis, wisdom mind, primal knowledge, jnana. Syn ye gnas kyi shes pa; 'wisdom', [primordial knowing, original cognition, wakefulness, awareness]. Innate wakefulness, Jnana, cognition, knowledge, divine wisdom, ever-fresh awareness, pristine awareness, exalted wisdom / body, primordial wisdom, intelligence, intuition [intuitive wisdom], gnosis, wisdom mind, primal knowledge, jnana, pristine cognition / awareness. pristine wisdom, [or wisdom if otherwise qualified. i.e. mirror-like wisdom]. one of the phar phyin bcu the ten paramitas. primordial wisdom/wakefulness, Wisdom/Pristine wisdom [RY]

Wisdom ([ shes rab ], [ ye shes ]): 1) the ability to discern correctly, the understanding of emptiness and 2) the primordial and non-dual knowing aspect of the nature of the mind. [MR]

Skt. jñāna. 1) deep wisdom, penetrating wisdom, intuitive wisdom, mystic wisdom, primal wisdom, primordial wisdom, original wisdom, timeless wisdom, pristine wisdom, wisdom; 2) deep gnosis, penetrating gnosis, intuitive gnosis, mystic gnosis, primal gnosis, primordial gnosis, original gnosis, timeless gnosis, pristine gnosis, gnosis; 3) deep wakefulness, penetrating wakefulness, intuitive wakefulness, mystic wakefulness, primal wakefulness, primordial wakefulness, original wakefulness, timeless wakefulness, pristine wakefulness, wakefulness; 4) deep awareness, penetrating awareness, intuitive awareness, mystic awareness, primal awareness, primordial awareness, original awareness, timeless awareness, pristine awareness, awareness; 5) deep knowing, penetrating knowing, intuitive knowing, mystic knowing, primal knowing, primordial knowing, original knowing, timeless knowing, pristine knowing, knowing; 6) deep knowledge, penetrating knowledge, intuitive knowledge, mystic knowledge, primal knowledge, primordial knowledge, original knowledge, timeless knowledge, pristine knowledge, knowledge. The most appropriate English translation mostly depends on the vehicle, namely, Hinayāna, Mahāyāna, Vajrayāna or Atiyoga/Mahāmudrā, as each vehicle has a somewhat different connotation for jñāna. Erick Tsiknopoulos