bka' bzhi brgyud pa

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1) Four Transmitted Precepts. 2) the lineage of the transmitted precepts of the Great Seal (Mahamudra) which descended through Vajrapani, Saraha, Lohipa, Dharikapa, Ding-gi-pa, Tilopa. 4) the transmitted precepts of the Father Tantras which descended through Guhyapati. sa bcu dbang phyug blo gros rin chen. 5) Nagarjuna, Matangipa, Tilopa. 6) the transmitted precepts of the Mother Tantras which descended through Sumati Samantabhadri. thang lo pa, shing lo pa. 7) Karnaripa, and Tilopa. 15) the transmitted precepts of Inner Radiance which descended through Vajrapani. Dombi Heruka, Bi-na-sa, Lawapa, Indrabhuti and Tilopa. (RY)

the four lineages of precepts of. (IW)