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ka bu lo - prince of gandharvas [IW]

mkha' spyod - abbr. of {mkha' la spyod pa} 1) celestial, heavenly. 2) 'dwelling in the sky,' celestial realm, pure lands. 3) goddess [sky goers], 'sky traveler', dakini. 4) Syn {mkha' spyod kyi dngos grub} 5) birds. 6) heavenly denizen, gandharvas [celestial musician]. 7) Kachö. celestial realm; Khechara/ enjoyment of space [RY]

glu dbyangs lta bu'i sems bskyed - arouse song- like bodhicitta [among the sems bskyed nyer gnyis}, in the continuum of the 10th bhumi having wisdom paramita the ye shes kyi phar phyin as for arousing bodhicitta, as for teaching the dharma produced by the aspirations of those to be tamed, it is like the melody of the gandharvas, arouse song-like bodhicitta] [IW]

sgyu ma'i dpe brgyad - eight analogies of illusion (reflections in mirror, moon in water, echoes, rainbows, dreams, city of gandharvas, mirages, magical illusions created by a magician) [JV]

sgyu ma'i dpe brgyad - eight metaphors for illusion magical illusion, reflection of the moon in water, optical illusion, mirage, dream, echo, castle of the gandharvas, hallucination, rainbow, lightning, bubbles on the surface of water, and reflection in a mirror [RY]

rta mgo can - 1) kind of gru shan; 2) {rta mgo can [a king of the gandharvas and also the nagas] [IW]

rten dang brten pa - {rten dang brten par med pas dri za'i grong khyer lta bu} As in a city of gandharvas, there is neither a dwelling nor anyone to dwell [RY]

dri za'i grong khyer - city of gandharvas, fairy castle, gandharva city, [illusory phenomenon], mirage; castles in the air [RY]

dri za'i grong khyer - {rten dang brten par med pas dri za'i grong khyer lta bu} As in a city of gandharvas, there is neither a dwelling nor anyone to dwell [RY]

dri za'i grong khyer - 1) illusory city; 2) bar srid kyi beings place * city of gandharvas, fairy castle, illusory phenomenon, mirage [IW]

dri za'i dbyangs snyan - pleasant song of the gandharvas [IW]

dri za'i yul - domains of gandharvas [RY]

mi 'am ci - Kinnara, kinnaras. Mythical beings with a horse's head and a human body (or vice versa). Along with the gandharvas celebrated as celestial musicians [RY]

lha srin sde brgyad - Eight classes of gods and demons. There are various descriptions but in the sutras the most general is: devas, nagas, yakshas, gandharvas, asuras, garudas, kinnaras, and mahoragas. All of them were able to receive and practice the teachings of the Buddha. These eight classes can also refer to various types of mundane spirits who can cause either help or harm, but remain invisible to normal human beings: ging, mara, tsen, yaksha, raksha, mamo, rahula, and naga. On a subtle level, they are regarded as the impure manifestation of the eight types of consciousness [RY]

lha'i rnga sgra - {lha dang dri za mi'am ci dang thub dbang rnams kyis lha'i rnga sgra dung dang bcas bcom ldan 'das la bstod dbyangs sgrogs} gods, gandharvas, kinnaras, and sages alike sounded drums and conch shells and praised the Buddha with song [RY]

lha'i btsun mo - name of brgya byin ma, celestial damsels residing in the sky and regarded as wives of the gandharvas [JV]