Primordial Awareness

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ye shes


ji snyed ye shes - Syn {ji snyed pa mkhyen pa'i ye shes} the wisdom of whatever is, as it is; primordial awareness of quantity. [RY]

gnyug ma'i shes pa - natural mind, primordial awareness [RY]

mnyam bzhag - immediate experience, knowledge by experience into which no concepts enter, transcending awareness of mystic, illumination, to continue in the state, composure, concentration, non-conceptual primordial awareness, period of contemplation, knowledge through immediate experience, concentrative composure, hand gesture of meditative equanimity, settle into naturalness, meditative equipoise, absorption, naturalness, contemplative equipoise, sessions of practice, (for males, back of right hand on left palm with thumbs touching), state of even contemplation, equipoise, evenly composed, equanimity, evenness, remain in the equanimity of contemplation, to settle in the state of the equanimity of contemplation, hands in meditation gesture, remain in contemplation [JV]

gdod ma'i ye shes - primordial awareness [JV]

phu gnyug ma'i shes pa de gar yang ma gnyed - primordial awareness has no origin [RY]

'od gsal ye shes - luminous wisdom/ primordial awareness [IW]

ye rig - primordial awareness [JV]

ye rig don gyi he ru'i ngang - the primordial awareness space of the ultimate heruka [RY]

ye shes - jnana, (exalted, primordial) wisdom, (primal, transcending, original, unitary, authentic, pure, absolute, a priori, genuine, spiritual, ever-fresh, pristine) awareness, wakefulness, pristine cognition, mystic illumination, gnosis, understanding by peak experience, (intuitive, transcending, comprehensive, true) knowledge, SA mched pa'i ye shes, mnyam nyid ye shes, me long ye shes, chos dbyings ye shes, bya sgrub ye shes, sor rtog ye shes, perfect absolute divine wisdom, pristine wisdom, primordial awareness, timeless awareness [JV]