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rgyud lung man ngag - tantras & lungs & upadeshas [JV]

ngo sprod kyi man ngag - upadesha of introduction [JV]

thod rgal - creative light, advanced practice for developing one's vision according to the upadesha series, direct approach, direct crossing, teleportational reconcealment, SA sgron ma bzhi, snang ba bzhi, working with light, esoteric practice of realization, vision of the light, "upward jump", "skull cross (cross the bridge which separates samsara from nirvana during the time when one has a skull)", direct passage, 1 of snyoms par 'jug pa dgu, Togal, passing over the summit (the development of vision practice in the Dzogchen Upadesha), surpassing the pinnacle, leapover, transcendence, quantum leap, method of contemplation of light by which rdzogs chen practitioners attain the 'ja' lus without leaving mortal remains at death. (JV)

gdams ngag - [MSS: Skrt. avavada, upadesha] instruction; oral instruction, advice, direction, precepts, spiritual advice, spiritual instruction. Ex. {gnad kyi gdams ngag} essential advice. MSS: compare with {man ngag} (upadesha). [mss] (RY)

gdams pa zab mo - profound upadesha [JV]

gnad kyi man ngag - crucial upadesha, fundamental upadesha, quintessential upadesha [JV]

man ngag - upadesha, oral/pith instructions thabs kyi snying po'am thabs zab mo [IW]

man ngag - upadesha, secret oral instruction, quintessential instructions; instructions; direct transmission (instruction); [oral] instruction, instructions, precepts, [secret] instruction. personal advice [on practice]. direction, information, esoteric instruction, precepts, quintessential instructions, pith instruction, crucial instructions, key instruction [RY]

man ngag - oral/ essence/ secret instruction, precepts, personal advice (on practice) direction, information TSE upadesha, oral/ pith instructions [IW]

man ngag - upadesha, instruction, guidance, secret instruction, teaching, religious advice, direction, (rdzas, sngags, sman, bsgom pa, 'don pa, bzo byed), same as sngags for common people, esoteric instructions, texts which are derived from the experiences of the practice of the masters and which are transmitted secretly, oral instructions, secret oral instruction, direct transmission, pith instructions [JV]

man ngag - upadesha, oral/pith instructions thabs kyi snying po'am thabs zab mo - //sman gyi man ngag //lag rtsal gyi man ngag //man ngag gi mthil [IW]

man ngag gi dam pa - supreme upadesha [JV]

man ngag gi rtsa ba - root upadesha [JV]

man ngag gi rtsa ba gsum - the three roots of the upadeshas [JV]

man ngag gi gzhung - text of the upadesha [JV]

man ngag sde - upadesha series (divided by Shri Singha into phyi skor, nang skor, gsang skor, gsang ba bla na med pa skor), atiyoga division of esoteric instructions, upadesavarga, instruction section, category of instructions, series of esoteric instructions, secret instruction series, series of secret instructions, category of direct transmission [JV]

man ngag gnad kun - all mennag methods, all the main points of the upadeshas [JV]

man ngag zab mo - deep instruction, profound upadesha [JV]

rdzogs chen sde gsum - the three sections of maha Ati / sandhi. Three Classes of the Great Perfection. The Mental Class {sems kyi sde} or chittavarga. the Spatial Class {klong gi sde} or dhatuvarga. and the Esoteric Instructional Class {man ngag gi sde} or upadeshavarga. three classes of the Great Perfection; the three series of Dzogchen teachings [RY]

gzer lnga'i man ngag - upadesha of Zernga [JV]

'od gsal man ngag - upadeshas on luminosity [JV]

sher phyin gyi man ngag - prajnaparamita upadesha [IW]

gsung rab yan lag gnyis - Twelve Branches of the Scriptures. The above listed nine branches of the scriptures with the addition of narratives {rtogs pa brjod} or nidana. parables {de lta byung} or avadana. and established instructions {gtan phab} or upadesha [RY]